What we provide


If your project requires a bespoke solution, we can take you from start to finish.
For any project, we always begin with getting the full picture of what is needed and desired for the project in question. With our previous experience we are able to guide you in the right direction and find out which functions and design features would be beneficial for your application. You’ll be in touch/contact with our engineering and R&D team from the get-go and they will be involved every step of the way for consistent project management and handling.

Design and engineering

After understanding the full scope of the project and necessary products, our engineers start designing and developing the first prototypes. During this stage we’ll test the products and their application to make sure they function as intended. This includes making sure we use the correct materials, the dimensions are suitable and that the product will work with the many variables in play such as wind load and exposure in highly corrosive areas, and can be operated fully within these. We can do full product walk-throughs in our live webinars, where you can see demonstrations of the product operation, its features and ask questions throughout. The design and engineering service includes getting the products drawn up for you to place on your project drawings and providing you with all the necessary documentation and installation instructions, ensuring clear and transparent communication throughout.


Once the design is completed, prototype is tested and order is received, we will progress with the manufacturing. Production in our UK manufacturing plant means the same engineers that helped design the product will follow through with production management and if any changes are necessary along the way, we can amend in-house in an efficient way. Our production team and efficient operation including up-to-date CNC machinery and lean methodology ensure that the highest quality is achieved and in a timely fashion.

Support & After Sales

Once your product has been manufactured and is ready to be shipped, we will take care of the necessary documentation required for shipping these to the end destination. We also make sure your products have the correct material and traceability paperwork necessary for the chosen materials and usage. Once the products have been shipped and delivered safely, we are always on stand-by to make sure you have every fundamental piece of information regarding proper installation and maintenance, and if required we can provide installation instructions and videos on how to safely operate the product. If you have any specific requirements, just let us know and we will see how we can accommodate it.