Who we are

Our story started on land…

Our story started on land where we developed and manufactured gate locks and gate hardware for the domestic and industrial gate industry, an industry we’ve been in since the early 1990’s. During this time, we have become specialists in this area with our renowned lock ranges and gate accessories. We’ve always had research and development in-house and with it comes a natural innovative spirit aimed at proactively developing products to make gate installations easier and simpler for the manufacturers.

In 2015, we were faced with our first offshore gate project as the designers for the Dudgeon wind farm asked us to supply a rising hinge for the gates. With our on-shore expertise in gate hardware and engineering, we took on the challenge and evaluated the full scope of the project to best utilise our knowledge and apply it to offshore use. Developing a bespoke hinge for that project became the beginning of our offshore ventures.

And we haven’t slowed down since. After the Dudgeon hinge, we have worked on several other offshore gate projects of which some were further adaptations of that first hinge, and others completely new and bespoke products. Our mission is to highlight the importance of offshore gate, hatch and access door hardware and to provide reliable solutions that are not only effective, but will continue to perform for a long time. We continue this mission by ensuring our products are engineered to stand up to the unyielding offshore surroundings.

Who we are

  • Toby Roberts-Davies

    Toby Roberts-Davies

    Business Development Manager

  • Jacob Napthine

    Jacob Napthine

    Commercial Manager

  • Simon Napthine

    Simon Napthine

    Managing Director

  • Gary Ewins

    Gary Ewins

    Operations Manager

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    Vanessa Daniels

    Project Support

  • Ian Hetherington

    Ian Hetherington

    Product Manager