Single Gate Latch

The easy solution for ensuring gates are secured

Ensuring the security of gates at height

When working next to a drop in offshore areas it is crucial that the fall protection systems are consistently providing a safe barrier. Where gates are being used, it is critical that they do not give way if they were leant on or that they do not blow open with the wind.

One of the standard methods of securing the gate on offshore structures is the dropdown gate latch, a simple gravity catch that latches into place when the gate is closed and prevents the gate from opening without manually lifting the latch.
Supplied with isolation plates and a dampening pad inside to minimise noise and wear, the product is designed to last in the offshore environment, constructed to specifications from high grade material such as duplex or a high grade stainless steel.

Product Features

Reliability through simplicity

The positive action of the latch and the straightforward design ensures ultimate longevity in the offshore environment

Heavy duty

Formed from a high grade material and assembled with robust fixings, the strong construction enables heavy use and can endure the harshest environments

Single hand opening

The top mounted D handle enables the latch to be lifted with one hand, ensuring easy access when working at height

How to Install the Single Gate Latch

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