Hatch Post Catch

A simple hold-open solution for offshore hatches

Achieving safety through simple engineering

When using a hatch in offshore conditions, the weight of the hatch combined with the potential for high winds in exposed locations can be a significant safety issue for operators.

A solution for ensuring the hatch is held safely in the open position is our hatch post fixing catch, a simple but effective latch that fixes to an adjacent post behind the hatch and allows the hatch to be pushed back and catches it from falling. This can simply be released by pulling up the handle.
The latch is constructed from a high grade stainless or similar material, and can be adapted to easily fit to the project FEED construction specifications.

Product Features

Ensures operator safety

The hatch post catch is a critical feature in ensuring operator safety, ensuring the hatch cannot fall down while people are passing through.

Easy to operate

The gravity activated catch will automatically drop into position when the hatch is pushed past it, and can then can simply be lifted back up to close the hatch.

How to Install the Hatch Post Fixing Catch

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