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Gate closing solutions, adapted to suit your project

In industries across the globe, access gates with a closing device are a critical aspect of ensuring platforms are kept safe for operators when working at height.

These devices are as crucial for the offshore sector as any other, where access areas internally and externally need to be kept safe. This however poses a problem with the harsh marine environment, where most existing products are manufactured from galvanised steel or a low grade of stainless steel.

Our gate closing solutions are purpose built for the offshore industry and have been supplied on a number of offshore products in Europe and around the globe. Engineered to last, all components are made from high grade stainless steel, pickled and passivated for extra corrosion resistance and are designed and engineered in our UK factory to ensure high build quality and maximum reliability.
A key aspect of our process is ensuring that the product is designed around the specific needs of the project. This means that spring torsion and adjustability, dimensions of the closer, fixing methods and other built-in features can all be adapted or re-designed to ensure you have the perfect solution.

Example of features that our closers incorporate are including rubber isolation plates to prevent the reaction between dissimilar metals, an internal drop bolt that means the gate will hold itself closed or can be held open at an angle of your choice, and built-in stops to prevent the gate swinging outwards or to prevent operators from pushing it too far back, preventing damage to fixtures such as light fittings.

This product can be adapted for both single and double gates, enabling a complete solution for worker safety and giving a tried and tested solution for reliable closing in an offshore environment.

Product Features

Hold open/hold closed function

The closer can incorporate an integral hold function where the gate can be held in the closed position or held open at an angle of your choice. This is built into the product, using a locating pin which is lifted by hand and drops into the corresponding location hole, eliminating the need for a separate latching device

Integrated stop

The integrated stoppers ensure the gate cannot swing too far in either direction, meaning adjacent fixtures cannot be damaged and eliminating the need for any external device that could cause a protrusion or trip hazard.

Fully adjustable

The closing force of the gate can easily be controlled with the built-in tension adjuster. This ensures the gate can be set at a tension that suits the location. All dimensions including fixing positions are designed to the project.

Engineered for the marine environment

Using a high grade stainless steel or alternative material of your choice, the closer is designed to cope with the harshest conditions, ensuring ultimate reliability and longevity.

How to Install the Gate Closing Hinge

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