Hatch Stay

An integrated solution for easy hatch access

Enabling hatch lift assist and an integrated hold-open solution

Two potential safety issues that lie around the use of access hatches are the dangers around leaning over the aperture when opening or closing the hatch, and the potential for the hatch to fall when operators are passing through.

When used in offshore situations, the heavy grating material combined with the dangers of high winds in an exposed location can intensify both these hazards. This makes it important for a safety solution to be used for the wellbeing of its users.

Our integrated hatch stay solution features a spring lift assister to minimise the force needed to open the hatch, meaning that no strenuous effort is required to open it whilst standing near to the opening. This is also a benefit when exiting from below, ensuring that there is minimal effort needed while standing on the hatch ladder.
Combined with this is the hold-open function, which automatically activates once the hatch is past 90 degrees, preventing the hatch from falling back down and causing injury. To de-activate the catch, a foot operated pedal is depressed and the hatch can be easily closed with the aid of the spring assister. The foot operated release is another safety feature that ensures operators don’t have to lean over the opening while closing the hatch.

Designed for use offshore, the hatch stays are also a highly corrosion resistant solution, manufactured from high quality stainless steel or similar materials according to the specifications on the project.

Product Features

Hold-open function

The hatch stay incorporates a hold-open function, ensuring the hatch cannot fall and cause injury during operation.

Spring assisted opening and closing

The integral spring assister ensures easy opening and closing, minimising the danger of falling when operating from below or above.

Foot operated release

The hold-open function is deactivated with a foot operated release, minimising the need to bend over the hatch opening during operation.

How to Install the Hatch Stay

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