Hatch Lock

Securing the safety of your most valuable assets

Securing high-risk areas

High-risk sectors within offshore structures, such as high voltage areas, require specific operator training, and unauthorised access is a critical situation to avoid.

These dangerous areas within wind turbines and similar structures are often accessed through hatchways. This means that the ability to secure the hatchway is vital, prompting the development of our marine grade hatch lock.

Our experience with lock manufacture for the domestic market was a headstart for developing the hatch lock, a simple locking device built from high grade materials, ensuring not only a secure access point but a guarantee against the harsh conditions that it will inevitably be subject to.
Simply clamped through the grating material, the lock uses a bespoke key to turn a cam below the deck surface, preventing access for unauthorised personnel.

These locks can be developed to suit the needs of the project, from the material that the lock is built from to the size and type of key used.

Product Features

Simple clamp-on fitting

No complicated fitting techniques, this product simply clamps on to the grating surface and requires little or no cutting or adaptation to the grating.

Reliable design

Sometimes simple is best, and our hatch lock is just that. Whilst providing a secure solution, mechanisms can easily seize in the corrosive environment, and the functional design of this lock ensures that little can go wrong.

No trip hazard

The lock is uniquely designed to ensure that the lock is flush with the top of the grating, eliminating potential trip hazards

Adaptable to suit

As with all of our products the lock can be a bespoke design to suit individual projects, including key styles, dimensions and isolation options

How to Install the Hatch Lock

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