Hatch Handle

Trip-free, easy hatch access

Simple pull handle solution for hatches

Hatches are often used on offshore platforms for ensuring safe access to lower decks. A handle is always necessary for lifting the hatch from above, but traditional D-shaped handles may cause a protrusion on the surface that could become a trip hazard to operators.

To ensure a trip free solution our hatch handle involves a simple lift-up design, which drops back down after use and is virtually flush with the hatch surface.
The handles are manufactured from a corrosion resistant material such as a high grade stainless steel or duplex, ensuring that they perform reliably at all times despite the harsh conditions that they face.

The handles are developed to suit individual project specifications, meaning that they can be easily adapted or re-developed to suit the different manufacturing methods and materials used.

Product Features

Flush fitting

The simple but clever design enables the handle to drop down after use, ensuring the handle is flush with the surface and thereby eliminating any trip hazards

Easy to fit

The handle simply clamps through the grating with the fixings supplied, meaning no extra fabrication has to be done to the hatch

Adaptable to suit project requirements

The handle is adapted to suit the size of the grating being used, the grating material, and any sizing specifications that the scope of works specifies.

How to Install the Hatch Handle

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