Wind Farm Safety Gate Hardware

wind farm park in the sea. Several wind turbines with access gates and safety gate hardware

Gatemaster designs and manufactures locks, closers and hinges for access gates on railings providing you with safety gate hardware on your offshore locations.

With any offshore project, there are several challenges to overcome in order to ensure the safety on the platforms. Using the incorrect materials and finishing processes can lead to failure of a section of the construction. This can lead to significant harm to the environment and human safety as well as potentially increased financial costs. 

Avoiding this comes down to the materials used, design and function of the devices on board. Due to the highly corrosive environment on offshore locations such as wind farms, everything needs to be tested and proven to withstand these conditions. And this includes safety gate hardware such as closers and hinges. We are therefore proud to offer bespoke solutions for wind farm safety gate hardware.

Improving on-site safety – Our engineering solutions ensure gates are closed safely and securely. See how they work here.

Reliable solutions – We have over 20 years experience in designing reliable gate hardware components for safety gates and walkways.

Built for your requirements – We can adapt our products to suit the specific needs of your offshore project.

Materials specifically tested – We test all our products vigorously and take into account the highly corrosive nature of the offshore environments.

We have successfully completed projects for two large wind farms in the UK, both of which were made bespoke for this application. The products we developed for these as well as similar products are well suited for wind farms and any offshore platforms such as sub-stations and offshore oil- and gas rigs. 

safety gate hardware shown on an access gate on offshore wind farm. Yellow gate on red grating.

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