How to save costs on offshore hardware while maintaining high level of quality

Offshore platform access gates have several requirements to make them as safe and secure as possible. Adequate offshore hardware is naturally a part of ensuring this.

Traditionally, these platform access gates are equipped with the following gate components to fulfil these requirements:

  1. The gate hinge is naturally a key component of the gates as it ensures they function well.
  2. The drop bolt helps keep the gate closed or open depending on the specific needs of the gate.
  3. The fold-over hasp helps hold the gates together when closed.
  4. The self-closing mechanism ensures that the gate is always closed when not in use.
  5. The open stopper prevents the gate from hitting the adjacent railings/fixtures when opened.
  6. The closed stopper prevents the gate from swinging outwards when let go.

These six components create a gate that functions as it should while protecting the operators and railings.

However, all of these individual pieces of hardware need to be installed, maintained, serviced, and possibly replaced at some point. That is six different products the procurement team needs to source, the design team needs to design lugs for, and the O&M team needs to maintain throughout the life of the products.

We’re all about simplifying gate hardware at Gatemaster Offshore. To relieve our clients of the above troubles, we have consolidated these six components into a single product: our self-closing offshore gate hinge. We designed this hinge to suit the needs of our clients and as a result we have adapted it to work within several specific requirements for a variety of projects.

offshore hardware closing hinge on an offshore gate

Why should you consolidate components?

In addition to the main reason of saving cost and time, there are specific benefits depending on your role within the offshore design process.

For designers and engineers:

  • It simplifies the drawings and general platform design.
    • No need to design six different lugs and fixings for each component.
  • It eliminates the possibility of incompatibilities between components from various suppliers.

For the gate and railing fabricators and Tier 1 contractors:

  • It consolidates the purchasing process of gate components.
    • This reduces the time spent on finding suitable suppliers for each and liaising with changes or delivery issues.
  • Saves overall material cost by replacing six parts with just one.
    • So only one delivery charge for the project and not six for instance.

For O&M teams and the wind farm owners:

  • It reduces the time spent on O&M processes.
    • Instead of six different manuals, you will have just one for a single product.
    • Your team will spend less time on inspections and location of the components.
    • This means that the process will be quicker, and operation of the wind turbine can go back to normal faster if any issues arise.

With our engineering expertise, we can save you time, money, and effort.

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